Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"The whole time, the magazines acted like I didn't exist."

Gaberman did the traditional route and shot everything on film, printed everything (including color) in his own darkroom, shot with Civil War Era lenses, and overall killed it. Skateboard photography is a formula these days and we need more Gabermans and less rich kids from Arizona (check's skateboard groups and you'll see what I mean)

This is from Gaberman's first "feature" in Transworld Skateboarding from 2002.

And from Gaberman's Skateboarder years:

And now for the nerdy art teachery shit....Gaberman uses composition to draw your eyes to the action (i.e. skateboarding) in his carefully exposed landscape photographs. Recognize (had to end on a gangsterish note).


Weston Colton Photo said...

Gaberman is legit. When Andrew Reynolds calls you up to shoot an ad (and you're not Atiba) it's a pretty big deal. Do you recall the switch ollie off that roof I'm talking about.
I love how his photos are more like well composed land/cityscapes that just happen to have someone skateboarding in them. Artistic genius.

B Fonville said...

or how about that gonz boneless in the autumn bowl for an adidas ad. that was one of my favorite skate photos ever

B Fonville said...

found it!